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Internationally acclaimed artist Charles Fazzino to show Super Bowl LIV Artwork and Other Pieces at the Wentworth Gallery Locations Throughout South Florida This Weekend...


During the unveiling of the offial Super Bowl LIV Commerorative Art at the Wentworth Gallery located inside the new Guitar Hotel in Hollywood, Charles Fazzino took time to talk with Bill Hernandez of to talk about the Super Bowl, the artistic process of his art, and why South Florida is the perfect backdrop to create with...



Q: We are here today to unveil the artwork commissioned by the Super Bowl Commitee for Super Bowl LIV. I think being here in South Florida is the perfect backdrop for the unveiling because your artwork displays and expresses so much pop and color, as does South Florida. This is also the 20th year you have been commissioned to do the official artwork for the Super Bowl. When you are commissioned to do artwork for the Super Bowl, are you given a blueprint or instrctions as to what needs to be included in the work, or are you given free-range?

A: I have been doing artwork for the Super Bowl for twenty years, but before that I licenced and I was working directly with them on creating my favorite football teams. They know my artwork so well that every year that I make one, the licensing department knows that I am going to submit the artwork, and I do before it gets made into colors. I work with the NFL closely. They look over the artwork to make sure that it is Politically Correct, that there aren't things in there that should'nt be and I do it in my Fazzino style.

As you can tell, it's not just about Miami, but all of South Florida. So, I have Hollywood in there, Fort Lauderdale, and a lot of the festivities and so forth that are going on in South Florida.


Q: I see that you have incorporated the new Guitar Hotel into the artwork, the only one in the world. When you first saw the Guitar Hotel, what was you initial responce to what you were seeing?

A: Absolutely just amazing! First to say, obviously, I live in New York, so I didn't come down here to see the Guitar Hotel but when I first came down, it was still being built and to finally see it is just amazing. They did a great job with the stadium as well. It is just an easy thing for me to paint because back in the eighties, my first, sort of, place that I was showing my art at was in South Florida doing the outdoor art shows, and that was back in the early eighties. I have a big collector base, many people know the artwork, so when I come to Florida, it is easy for me to draw the buildings, to draw the landscape because I was living in Fort Lauderdale at the time so I knew it well even though I am a New Yorker.

Q: You are most known for your 3D Art. In a piece like this (The Super Bowl LIV Commemorative Artwork), it looks to me like you are painting each stacked piece about three or four times.

A: What I do is I paint it once, then we make prints and sometimes it takes, depending on the piece, three to four prints. They are cut-out in my studio in 3D with an Exacto Knife then they are layered like a lasagna. That is the best way to explain it when people are not looking at it. Once it's layered, it dries because there is glue in between each layer that gives it that 3D effect, then we embellish them with Swarovski Crystals and different color acrylic glitters and paint, so each one is unique and there are no two alike.

Q: How long does it take to complete a single piece of artwork on average?

A: Just to cut and glue one takes about a week.

Q: That does'nt seem too bad.

A: It is when you have to do about 15 of them (Laughs).I have a lot of helping-hands in my studio to help with that process. But the creating of the original artwork usually takes a few months going back and forth with the NFL and showing them the process and so forth and the progress.


Appearance Times/Dates/Locations

Saturday, January 25th, 2020         6-9 pm 

  Wentworth Gallery at Boca Raton Town Center Mall

Sunday, January 26th, 2020                   2-4pm  

Wentworth Gallery at Las Olas Fort Lauderdale

  Friday, January 31st, 2020                      6-9pm         

Wentworth Gallery at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino  Hollywood

Charles Fazzino, the celebrated and world-renowned Artist who has commemorated each Super Bowl for the past 18 years remarks "Miami and Hard Rock Stadium are magical, and I hope to capture all of the excitement of Super Bowl LIV.  I am excited to meet NFL fans, my art collectors, and everyone who loves the game, fine art, and the greatest sports event on earth”



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